(For three voices)


I take the bullet from Kyoto/On the bullet from Kyoto/The train from Kyoto.


Drawn by some uncertainty,


Some disbelief,                                                                        /Some disappointment,


Some disappointment,


                        /The business had gone badly in Kyoto./My business had gone badly.


                        /Some urge to feel


Some urge to feel                                                      /Something.


The weave of history.




To guage its quality, judge its form,          /To guage its quality, it’s form,


Stand gawking at it’s accusations.                /To gawk at its accusations.


                                                            /A tourist in Hiroshima.


On a tram.                                                                               /On the tram


                        /I sit next to an old man who caughs into a handkerchief.


His wheezing stinks of history. (x3)


The lasting legacy of war;                                      /The legacy of war is


                        /Politely, with excruciating bows,


Cold concrete,                                                             /New concrete,


                        /He asks me why I’m here,


A haze of neon,                                                               /A neon haze


                        /And where now can we find the spirits of our dead?


A confusion of unquiet ghosts,                                    /Echoes of ghosts


Silence tripping over tram tracks.          /And silence, tripping over tram tracks


Someone coughs into a handkerchief. /The old man coughs into his                                                                                                                                                      handkerchief

                        /At the Peace Memorial

Children ring the bell.                                                           /I ring the bell

                                                                                         /And think about the sky that day